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Alongside 35 years of solids settling performance, Westpro’s new Hydroclassifiers were developed though a combination of both a computational flow simulation.


  • With a solid separation greater than 95% of 75 microns or larger, Westpro’s Hydroclassifer is proven to provide a highly efficient solid separation solution.
  • Tank design ensures minimized flow velocities and even distribution of solids to further promote efficient settling of grit particles.
  • Bolted modular unit designed for ease of assembly on site.
  • Small footprint.
  • Low equipment maintenance.


  1. Stainless Steel Tank
  2. Feedwell
  3. Overflow Launder
  4. Grit Stirring Drive
  5. Fluidizing Grit Bed Manifold
  6. Dewatering Grit Screw
  7. Support Structure
  8. Organics Discharge Valve