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Turnkey Systems


The essence of a turnkey system is its readiness to be used immediately. This is the philosophy applied to all of Westpro’s Turnkey Systems. Our turnkey designs mean that customers do not need to manage a thing. Provide us with your performance expectations, technical specifications and battery limits and we will manage the rest. Perfect for small companies and those with limited technical capabilities.

Westpro can engineer, fabricate, transport, install and start up your turnkey modular facility. We are experienced with supervising construction contractors and, when required, installing facilities completely on our own. The choice is yours.The point of “handover” to the customer of a turnkey facility can also vary. Some handover options offered to our customers include:

  • Complete modular facility delivery at site (disassembled),
  • Complete facility installed on site,
  • Commissioning handover (at 40% – 50% of nameplate capacity),
  • Fully optimized facility operating at 100% nameplate capacity.
A Turnkey Modular Plant from Westpro can provide you the piece-of-mind you need.