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Flocculant Preparation & Dosing Systems

Westpro designs and manufactures turnkey modular Flocculant Preparation & Dosing Systems. These systems mix bagged dry flocculant powder with process water to produce a flocculant solution of the desired strength.

Modular FMS25-4 Flocculant Mixing Systems during testing at the Westpro Production Facility


  • Wide variety of capacities available
  • Receiving hopper and volumetric screw feeder. Hopper is provided with bag breaker or bag discharge for larger units
  • Eductor-blower system to pneumatically convey flocculant powder to the mixing tank
  • Wetting head for initial contact of dry flocculant with water
  • Heavy-duty mixing tank and holding tank
  • Mixing tank agitator designed for gentle mixing without damage to the expanded polymer
  • Dosing pumps available with VFD’s
  • Local control panel with PLC
FMS25 Flocculant Mixing System on-site in Mexico

Complementary Equipment