Tailings Management Systems

The processing and storage of mine tailings is a key environmental issue for mining projects around the world. Utilizing its expertise in slurry dewatering technologies, Westpro offers turnkey Tailings Management Systems that allow owners to reduce or eliminate costly tailings ponds by producing stackable tailings.

These systems utilize combinations of the company’s line of dewatering equipment to reduce the volume of the tailings slurry produced by the mill. An added benefit is the recovery of water for reuse in the process or elsewhere around the site.

Westpro’s scope for tailings management systems may include (based on project requirements):

  • High capacity clarifier or thickener
  • High density underflow (HDU) thickeners
  • Flocculant mixing system
  • Filter press or belt filter
  • Agitated tanks for clarifier feed to filter feed
Equipment Commonly Utilized in Tailings Management Systems

Custom engineered for each application, Westpro’s Agitators provide reliable and energy efficient performance in challenging slurry applications.

Westpro’s Clarifiers have delivered proven wastewater treatment performance in both municipal and industrial applications.

Westpro’s disc filters are versatile machines with applications in a variety of industries.

​Westpro’s filter presses are suitable for applications in wide variety of industries and are fully customized to the requirements of each customer.

​Westpro’s designs and manufactures turnkey modular Flocculant Preparation & Dosing Systems.

Fully customizable in terms of equipment supply, layout and site conditions, Westpro’s Lime Slaking Systems offer an optimized, turnkey slaking solution.

Westpro designs and manufactures turnkey modular Reagent Preparation & Dosing systems with compact footprints.

Equipped with new generation hydraulic drives and low drag, high capacity rakes, Westpro’s thickeners deliver superior solids settling performance.

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